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‘The Originals’: Joseph Morgan Talks Cami’s Death, Klaus’ Relationship With Marcel – Access Hollywood

Access: [Marcel] seems to be very raw, possibly unpredictable. What did you enjoy about filming those scenes? We saw the one scene where your character reaches to touch him on the shoulder and he pulls away… and [there are] preview scenes that look super-intense. What was that like for you getting to see Charles [that way] and work off of him with that kind of emotion going on?
Yeah, it was really exciting for me because it’s always been there — that fire in his character, but we haven’t really explored it as much… And he and I — we have a lot to do in the very next episode, in both episodes actually, and he did some pretty amazing work in 21 and 22, and it’s nice for me to kind of just watch and listen and feel like this show is awesome and just watching someone be awesome in our show. It’s really great. And also having seen him go on the journey that he has from the beginning has been really pleasing. Look, I’ve said before in interviews, I want more of him in the show, and I think that’s good. The end of this season has more of him and it was the right decision because it’s some of our best work. I think it’s really paid off and so for me, just working with someone who I regard as a very talented actor, who is actually now really pushing their own boundaries, that’s exciting for me. … It makes me want to push even further, like, ‘Oh, you’re going to do that? OK, well let me see what I can bring to this then.’

Access: Stepping up your game. I think that’s the thing as artists, you want to constantly be challenged. And surprise — I always feel like that’s where the best creativity comes from — is when somebody does something you don’t expect. 
Joseph: Yeah. Absolutely, and often — I get great enjoyment from rehearsing a scene and then filming the wide shots and then changing what I’m doing, just emotionally, trying to catch people off guard a little bit. It’s sort of slightly a mischievous thing I enjoy, but I also think it brings life to the scenes, if suddenly you catch someone off guard. And I love it when someone does it to me, and you’re like, ‘Oh!’ because then you’re not like resorting to a prepared way of saying the dialogue, you’re actually just living in that moment and kind of responding and hitting the ball back however it comes to you, which is really exciting I think.

Access: One of the things they kind of haven’t explored, and I’m curious how your character is going to deal with it is — Marcel was one of his sirelings. They’re no longer attached, that connection has been broken. What can Klaus appeal to now? What are his go-tos with somebody like Marcel when that link is broken?

Joseph: Well, he has to hope that there is a genuine bond there, doesn’t he? I think there’s a moment with Lucien earlier in the season when he says, ‘You thought all these people were defending you because they liked you? No, they were just linked to you. Their lives were linked to yours,’ and so now he really has to think, ‘God, I hope I was nice to this person over the years. I hope I did all right by him and I hope it all adds up because this could be trouble.’ I think that’s what it is. And I do believe Klaus believes that there is a bond between he and Marcel and something… genuine family love, and we’ll have to see how much Marcel holds him responsible for.

Access: For what happened with poor Davina. Oh my gosh. So, I know you finished filming [for the season], are you going to have time to do any fun stuff over the summer before they bring you back for Season 4? 
Joseph: I get to travel around a little bit and I’m going to direct a short film that my wife and I wrote. We’re going to do it in Georgia. We’ve got some of the crew from my show and some from ‘Vampire Diaries.’ We’re just getting it together in terms of assembling, putting the team together, so I’m going to shoot that because I directed an episode this season and I’ve done a couple of shorts before that, and so I really kind of got the bug for that and wanted to just explore directing something else that I’m also acting in, which will be this short were making. So that’s fun, although it’s a lot of hard work, but I find if I’m too idle, I get bored. I like the idea of like, I’m going to do nothing and then I’m bored with in an hour, so I like to keep myself stimulated.

“The Originals” continues Friday at 9/8c on The CW. The Season 3 finale airs next week.


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