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RPD officer helps to shovel out woman’s blocked in car – 13WHAM-TV

RPD officer helps to shovel out woman’s blocked in car | News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | WHAM


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RPD Officer shovels out woman on Ashland St.

Rochester, N.Y. – For some people living in the Rochester area, brushing off cars or digging them out took longer than the commute Wednesday.

It was somewhat of a relief not to be driving in terrible weather, but .

It was an early morning for Cheryl Calhoun in Rochester. She couldn’t park in her clear driveway because her street hadn’t been plowed.

“I’m upset that the city didn’t come plow our road,” Calhoun said. “There’s a bunch of people who live on my street who can’t even get out at all.”

Tuesday evening, after searching for nearly an hour for a parking spot, Calhoun parked on the street.

Around 4:30 a.m. Wednesday, she got an unexpected knock on her front door. It was a Rochester Police officer.

“[He said] I was the only car left on that side, so I had to come out and move my car,” Calhoun explained. “I got stuck and he was nice enough to help shovel me out and he got me out. Then you guys showed up, helped me dig out, and find a spot to park on this street.”

Calhoun was very grateful to the officer. The officer chose not to give his name to 13WHAM News.


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