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Request blocked for coke breeze storage along Detroit River – Bloomington Pantagraph

DETROIT (AP) — A company’s renewed request to store a coal-based byproduct called coke breeze along the Detroit River has been blocked.

Waterfront Terminal Holdings on Tuesday went before Detroit’s Board of Zoning Appeals, which rejected a request by the company to drop a requirement requiring an enclosed storage area. City officials say they worry about potential health problems.

The company says enclosed storage isn’t needed.

The city in February denied Waterfront a permit, saying the company did not intend to enclose the materials within a structure or use containment tarps. The company says, however, that testing revealed products handled by the company didn’t generate off-site dust.

Beth Gotthelf, an attorney for the company, says the enclosure would cost at least $3.2 million. She says “Waterfront has been a good Detroit corporate citizen.”


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