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Peter Moore: “Ask Sony” About EA Access On PS4, Xbox One Customers Love It – Gamepur

EA Access is an Xbox One exclusive, as you might know, and it seems like it’s pretty appreciated by Xbox fans thanks to early access to certain EA games, the vault with free older games and discounts. But why is it not coming to PlayStation 4, too, if Electronic Arts really thinks it’s a good business?

EA Access On PS4

Gamespot has asked Peter Moore about this. In the past, Electronic Arts COO let us understand it’s all about Sony not willing to have a service able to compete with PlayStation Plus on PS4.

This is what happened when Moore listened to the EA Access questions:

Do you still want to see EA Access on PlayStation 4?

Doesn’t matter. It’s on Xbox One, and those customers love it. We have analytics on everything these days, and subscriber satisfaction rates are through the roof. EA Access customers get to play more, because of the Vault, they get to play early, ahead of general release date, and they get to pay less because of the discounts it offers.

So, consumers love it. It’s doing well. If you expand to another console, business will be even better, right?

But it’s not. It’s on Xbox One.

I’m curious about what you’re saying. Is this part of a deal with Microsoft now?

It’s on Xbox One-

[Interrupting] Do you want to talk about this?

Well Sony talked about it, ask them [laughs]. There’s not much left for me to say.

So, it looks like EA Access is not really part of a deal with Microsoft or, at least, Electronic Arts has discussed the chance to have the service on PlayStation 4, too, but Sony refused due to the potential competition to PlayStation Plus.

What’s your take on this? Would you like to have EA Access on other platforms, such as PC and PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments below.



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