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Overturned 18-wheeler has I-30 westbound blocked – Benton Courier

UPDATE: According to Jeff Silk, spokesperson for the Saline County Sheriff’s Office, the single-vehicle accident occurred around 1 a.m. today. The truck was carrying a pallet of handgun ammunition, which is considered hazardous waste. Westbound traffic is expected to be stalled up to six hours, according to reports. Motorists are encouraged to exit as early as Exit 114 at Haskell.


An overturned 18-wheeler has Interstate 30 westbound blocked at mile marker 108-109 near Benton. Hazmat crews were called to the scene, but have since cleared that threat, according to reports. A crane is expected to be needed to remove the truck. No injuries have been reported and no other vehicle is said to have been involved. This is the second major accident near the area in the last month.

Traffic is expected to be blocked for a long period of time.


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