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New FDA approved BioAbsorb provides solution for blocked arteries –

(WPBN/WGTU)- A new FDA approved heart scaffold out out of northern Michigan is now offering another solution to the way physicians treat blocked arteries.

The BioAbsorbable (BioAbsorb) is a heart scaffold that dissolves after two years as opposed to a traditional metal stent that is permanent.

Patients who receive the scaffold can be in an out the hospital in as little as 24 hours.

7&4’s Toi Creel was live with Dr. Louis Cannon, one of the 6 cardiologists in the world behind the research of the BioAbsorb.

Although hospitals around the country are using this scaffold, McLaren Northern Michigan was part of the research and development behind the device starting nearly 15 years ago.

Dr.Cannon is President of the Cardiac and Vascular Research Center of Northern Michigan and Senior Program Director at Michigan Heart and Vascular Specialists of McLaren Northern Michigan. He is traveling across the country and around the world to teach other physicians about the benefits of this new scaffold and training others to properly insert the device. He will be lecturing on the scaffold in the next few months in Traverse City at the Michigan College of Cardiology about the scaffold and its abilities.


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