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Most popular Social Media sites among adults in 2014: Shift Ranking of April 8 – Deutsche Welle

1. Facebook (71% of online adults use it) | 2. LinkedIn (28%) | 2. Pinterest (28%) | 4. Instagram (26%) | 5. Twitter (23%) | Source: Pew Research

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Turkey restores Twitter access 06.04.2015

Access to Twitter has been restored in Turkey after the micro-blogging website reportedly complied with Ankara’s request to remove pictures of a prosecutor killed by leftist militants.

Turkey’s latest social media ban smacks of electoral censorship, critics say 06.04.2015

Turkish authorities have blocked social media websites over images of a prosecutor who was killed during a hostage standoff last week. Critics say it’s yet another censorship move in the run-up to elections in June.

Report: Facebook’s ‘Like’ function is watching you 01.04.2015

A new report suggests Facebook might be breaching EU tracking laws. But the real question is about when you expect to be watched online – and whether a social media company can grow so large you can’t avoid it.


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