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(NATIONAL) — How disgusted are some Americans with the U.S Congress? Disgusted enough that at last count over 14,000 websites are blocking Congress from accessing them as a protest against the Patriot Act.

According to the big play is designed to be a show of force to protest the Patriot Act. It’s being led by a group called Fight For The Future and the way it works is, the websites install a piece of code that that redirects any visitors from Internet protocol (IP) addresses from Congress away from their site and towards a protest page found here .

The protest is focused on preventing the possible extension of three key provisions of the Patriot Act — then act that congress passed that allows mass government surveillance on citizens.

The blackout page says, “We are blocking your access until you end mass surveillance laws. You have conducted mass surveillance of everyone illegally and are now on record for trying to enact those programs into law. You have presented Americans with the false dichotomy of reauthorizing the Patriot Act or passing the USA Freedom Act. The real answer is to end all authorities used to conduct mass surveillance. Until you do, thousands of websites have blocked your access, and more are joining every day.”

In addition to blocking access, Fight for the Future is organizing a mass protest with the hashtag The push is to say “NSA spying makes us feel naked.” The protest invites people everywhere to post photos of themselves partially naked.

The Senate recently blocked the NSA reform bill and three key Patriot Act extensions. Unless lawmakers drum up enough support to etend the Act before midnight Sunday at midnight, the protesters will see their wishes fulfilled.


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