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Medical marijuana advocates plan to unseat Utah lawmakers that blocked whole-plant bill – Extract

Utah medical marijuana advocates plan to replace lawmakers that blocked medical cannabis
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Utah medical cannabis advocates announce campaign to unseat hostile lawmakers.

Utah medical cannabis advocates have announced a new political campaign aimed at replacing lawmakers that blocked a recent whole-plant medical marijuana bill (SB 73) from passing through the state legislature.

“Patients are going to go after seats. We’re going to go after those votes,” Christine Stenquist, President and Co-Founder of TRUCE (Together for the Responsible Use and Cannabis), told Fox-13.

TRUCE had planned to put a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot in 2016, but it’s too late now to meet the requirements for this year.

Now the group is using part of the money originally allocated for the ballot measure to form a political action committee that aims to replace lawmakers that oppose medical marijuana, per Fox-13.

SB 73 sponsor Sen. Mark Madsen (R-Saratoga Springs), who worked for more than a year to pass medical marijuana in Utah, says House members that killed the bill “just spit in the face of 70 percent of the population in this state,” as reported by the Associated Press.

The House Health and Human Services Committee tried to merge two competing medical marijuana proposals, which Rep. Robert Spendlove (R-Sandy) called a “good, moderated” medical cannabis bill.

But Madsen called the hybrid a “placebo bill” that was “intended to torpedo my bill,” according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

Per The Salt Lake Tribune:

“Let the political consequences fall where they may. These people just spit in the face of 70 percent of the people of this state and won’t even let it go to the floor for a vote,” Madsen said. “I’d imagine there may be some political dead men walking that don’t even know it.”

The House committee voted 7-5 to move the hybrid version of the bill to the full House for consideration.


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