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Mautino backs legislation for start ups – Bureau County Republican

SPRINGFIELD — Entrepreneurs navigating the process of starting a business could benefit from legislation sponsored by state Rep. Frank Mautino that would create a centralized, online source to access applications for required permits and licenses.

“Improving the economic climate in Illinois will require a multi-faceted approach, one component of which must be making it easier to start a company,” Mautino said. “People who want to go into business and create jobs should be encouraged, not blocked by bureaucracy.”

Senate Bill 659, which Mautino is sponsoring, would require the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) to develop and maintain an online portal for new business owners and employers seeking to locate in Illinois. The website would provide a convenient, comprehensive source for permit and license applications required for businesses to open. Currently, there are a number of outdated websites hosted by various agencies with incomplete resources, and Mautino is working with the National Federation of Independent Business, Small Business Advisory Council and DCEO to address this.

Mautino also recently passed House Bill 4130 through the House, which will transfer the empty Streator Armory facility to the city of Streator for only $1. The city has committed to redeveloping the property and using part of the space as an incubator for local start ups. That measure currently awaits consideration by the Senate.

“Technology will allow us to do this in a cost-efficient way that can be updated easily,” Mautino added. “The business world has gone electronic; it is time for the state to catch up.”

Senate Bill 659 currently awaits consideration before the House Small Business Empowerment and Workforce Development Committee.



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