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If Treadwell’s block is a penalty, then just shut down the NFL. Shut everything down. What a joke.

What a horrendous down of plays what seemed like another scoring drive. Remember this drive at the eof game when we lose by 3pts! Geez, you just don’t give teams this many gifts & expect to win.

Why do they keep shooting themselves in the foot?

Refs are getting in their face time on this drive. Maybe they’ll keep the flags in their pocket the second half.

Horrible possession we just had. Let’s get our team to the lockers before we end giving up a TD here!

We never fail with STUPID penalties for no dang reason! 15yd face mask on us!

that was a clean hit! NO headshot….what’s the problem??

Why do we have such stupid players?

how come that is not ok….and we’ve seen hits to punters and not called….hmmmm

We’re going the other way here! Stupid penalties just like we had last week. What an undisciplined team we have!

We were set up nicely for at least a FG, now we most likely won’t score. That’s 13pts we have given GB to stay very much in this game.

Treadwell is going down the same route of C. Patterson. 1st round bust.

Nice route there by Laquon Treadwell.

At least we’re still ahead.

We just can’t stop gifting free points! That’s our problem every single game we’ve played. Just keep GB close to steal game from us at the end

Now, that’s a nice snatch!

Harrison Smith delivers bone-crushing sack on Hundley.

Q. Rollins carted off the field

That’s the way to do it! Your money for defense, and your kicks for free!

Nice drive to regain momentum. Let’s get a D stop here & put another 7 on board before the half

We need a TD after that stupid fumble!


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