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Latavius Murray: 8 carries, 34 yards and 2 touchdowns

Bears have been flagged five times for 72 yards already. Two of Vikings’ three longest plays are pass interference calls on the Bears (Stefon Diggs’ 26-yard catch-and-run was the other).

Bears blitz, Keenum gets the ball out for a completion or a call. Murray runs it in. Rinse/repeat.

Correction: Make that 4 carries and 0 rushing yards for the Bears.

The Bears have 4 rushing yards so far.

Great turn by Remmers at guard, getting around the Bears DT to open the middle for Murray. He’s playing well inside during this first quarter.

Thielen limps off after that play, checking left leg…but he does that once or twice a game

Vikings still going easy with Kyle Rudolph’s ankle in run situations. One of Aviante Collins’ plays was a run where he was an eligible tackle and David Morgan was the only tight end in the game.


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