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Lady Gaga Blocked By Anti-Fur Protesters In New York — Watch Protest Video – Gossip Cop

Lady Gaga Blocked Fur Protesters

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A group of fur protesters blocked Lady Gaga’s SUV as she tried to leave the Billboard “Women In Music” event in New York City on Friday. See video below.

As Gaga entered her waiting vehicle, she was nearly bombarded by the animal rights activists, leading security guards to forcibly move a man away. Then, as she sat in the vehicle, the guy and his cohorts continued to shout at the pop star, even though her windows were closed. Using a microphone, one rattled off some facts about the fur industry, and others held up signs.

At least one Gaga supporter, though, repeatedly yelled out, “Leave her alone!” Security ultimately forced the protesters out of the way so the singer’s driver could make their way down the Manhattan street. Gaga, who has clashed with PETA in the past for purchasing fur, has not mentioned the incident on social media.

The star was the main attraction at the Billboard ceremony, where she was honored as the magazine’s Woman of the Year. The celebration came one day after she scored her first-ever Golden Globe nomination, and several days after she also received a Grammy nod. Gaga took to Instagram on Friday night to thank fans for aiding in her accomplishments.

“I would like to thank my fans from the bottom of my heart for loving me and my music, everything I have today is because of you,” wrote the singer. “Always remember that if you work hard and dream passionately you can accomplish something so fantastic it’s actually beyond your imagination. That’s how I felt today.”

Gaga added, “I’m living in a fantasy so amazing, not even on my best days as an artist could I have envisioned it.” Check out video of Gaga and the anti-fur protesters below, and tell us what you think.

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