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Juilliard says it never blocked Slipped Disc – Slipped Disc


February 1, 2018 by norman lebrecht

A senior executive has sent us a friendly denial of our previous story:

Reading your blog from my desk at Juilliard this morning (as I often do and have for years!) and eager to clarify – Juilliard doesn’t block (and has never blocked!) access to Slipped Disc! 

Based on some informal polling, it sounds as though some our students and faculty are trying to access your site through (two “d’s”), rather than the correct address, which loads for all of us without a problem.  I’m checking with our CTO as to whether there could be some other technical issue, as well as why the incorrect slippeddisc.comdomain is posing problems both here and off campus (malware?), but please note this is most certainly not an editorial choice on the part of Juilliard management, as my colleagues and I have been able to access your blog without a hitch in recent days / months / years.

Well, that’s really good to know.



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