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( Struggling with a blocked nose can be torturous. It’s a health problem that is often overlooked, but can be a serious issue. If you have a blocked nose, it could be down to one of these two things:


Most people will experience a blocked nose when they get sick with a cold/flu. It’s one of the worst parts of getting sick. You stay up all night struggling to sleep because your nose is completely blocked up. Normally, this is simply down to a buildup of mucus caused by the cold. That’s why you often find yourself blowing your nose or sniffing a lot. But, sometimes a cold/flu can lead to sinusitis. This is a name given to a sinus infection. Your nose and face become quite swollen, and you have difficulty breathing through the nose. If sickness is the cause of your blocked nose, there are ways you can deal with it.

Firstly, any cold & flu medication will help you get over the illness black-man-nose-running-2016fast. Secondly, there are specific nasal sprays that help clear your sinuses. But, don’t take these for more than a week or you’ll develop bigger problems. To get the best medication possible, it’s recommended you go and see your doctor. They’ll be able to prescribe things for you, and also tell you what you should be taking. Normally, when your sickness leaves, you start to breathe a lot better, and your nasal passages are clear again. If you find that they’re still blocked after your cold has left, then there could be another reason for the blockage.


A very common reason for a blocked nose is allergies. There are tonnes of allergies out there that can cause something called rhinitis. Without getting too technical, this is when your nasal passage becomes inflamed. Essentially, you get a blocked nose. If you find that you have a blocked nose all the time, and wake up with one, this could be the reason. A lot of people will suffer from this during the summer, because of hayfever. Being allergic to pollen can cause your nose to get all blocked up. But, there are other things that may be causing your allergies.

Some people find that dust, and even bed bug bites, cause an allergic reaction. Obviously, if you’re allergic to things like dust and bed bugs, you’re in for a tough time. All year round, you’ll have a blocked nose, and it can cause some distress.  Luckily, there is a way to fix this and get you breathing clearly through your nose once more. Head to your doctor and they can prescribe you a steroid nasal spray. This helps unblock your nose and make life a lot easier. You should also look at your bedroom and try to keep it dust and bed bug-free.

Blocked noses can affect you in all areas of life. You struggle to sleep at night which has a knock on effect and makes you tired all day. Plus, struggling to breathe through your nose can leave you breathless at times. It’s important you know why your nose is blocked and how to sort it out.

Staff Writer; Craig Jones

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