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‘Hangover-free’ alcohol ‘blocked’ by regulations – The Spirits Business

A new synthetic alcohol designed to remove hangovers and reduce the risk of lung disease is being ‘blocked’ by heavy-handed regulations, according to a report.


Professor Nutt believes his invention could completely replace normal alcohol by 2050

‘Alcosynth’, made from synthesised chemicals, has been formulated by Professor David Nutt, the UK’s former chief drugs officer.

The drink is a derivative of benzodiazepine – commonly used to treat anxiety disorder – but does not cause withdrawal symptoms.

It can be formulated to limit its potency, leaving drinkers mildly intoxicated, rather than drunk, its founder claims.

Professor Nutt, who was sacked from his position as chairman of the UK government’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs in 2009 after he implied that taking ecstasy was less dangerous than riding a horse, believes it could completely replace normal alcohol by 2050.

Some experts also believe it could potentially save thousands of lives and could be up to 100 times safer than real alcohol.

Although much research has been conducted, it could still be several years before it reaches bars in the UK.

Sam Bowman, executive director of the Adam Smith Institute, said over-regulation was preventing such products from entering the market.

In a new report – Sinnovation: How markets can solve public health problems – the Institute calls for “innovation”, not regulation.

“It’s innovation not regulation that got us e-cigarettes,” he said.

“They emerged and prospered in spite of regulation, proving to be the best way to get people to quit quickly that we know of.

“Other products like synthetic alcohol and reduced-risk tobacco products promise to repeat the success of e-cigs for new people, but only if we let them.”

Public health officials are “mindlessly” pursuing abstinence campaigns, while “ignoring life-saving risk reduction products”, the institute says.


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