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Google Voice Access Beta will also hand-free smartphone navigation – YIBADA English

Waqas Malik | Apr 13, 2016 09:15 AM EDT

  • Google Voice Access Beta allows hand-free smartphone navigation

Google Voice Access Beta allows hand-free smartphone navigation (Photo : YouTube/The Times of India)

Google Voice Access Beta is going to let users navigate their smartphones without touching their screens, but not everyone can use it as of yet. Currently in Beta version, the new hands-free feature is aimed at disabled people who cannot navigate smartphones.

The Voice Access Beta is a new software technology from Google that will allows users to operate their smartphones without being hand-tied. Smartphone users will be able to navigate through different apps and screens with the help of simple voice commands, CNET reported.

For instance if a person want to open Chrome browser or navigate to the homescreen, he could do so by saying respective commands “Open Chrome” and “Go home.” Additionally, Voice Access will display numbers next to app icons for easy access, in which case a person will call out the numbers instead of naming the command.

Google’s new Voice Access Beta feature will greatly benefit the disabled people who cannot operate smartphones. According to Google, the recently launched Voice Access Beta will aid usage of Android devices to people suffering from paralysis, tremor, temporary injury or other medical conditions, tech giant’s official blog explained.

A similar feature called VoiceOver already comes preinstalled in iPhone which reads the items on the screen, aimed for visually impaired people. While Google’s Voice Access is still in developmental or Beta stages, those who want to experience the new voice commands must wait more because the testing program is not accepting more test users.

Voice Access will work together with other Android features that provide voice command aid for physically impaired people. Google Chromebooks already have ChromeVox, a screen narrator that reads text for visually impaired or blind people.

Android is a versatile platform where developers can submit creative apps and games. Although, there had been many apps on Play Store which provide voice commands, Google’s own Voice Access is most anticipated one to change the scenario.

Until Google’s Voice Access finally arrives fully polished, people can get close enough with free voice commands app on Play Store. Some top free voice command apps include Utter! Voice Commands, myVoice, Voice Call Dialer, Voice Unlocker, Voice control.

The following video describes how Google Voice Access Beta felt at first look.

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