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Getty Images sues Microsoft for ‘massive’ infringement over image search tool – ZDNet

GETTY(Image: ZDNet/Getty)

Online stock photo and imagery service Getty Images has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, alleging “massive” infringement of copyrighted images.

In a lawsuit filed in federal court in New York on Thursday, Getty claims Microsoft’s Bing Image Widget opens the door to “massive infringement” of copyrighted images.

The Bing Image Widget, released in late August, gives publishers the ability to embed images from Bing Search on their own websites.

But Getty alleges the tool grants access to billions of images found online, regardless of whether or not the images are copyrighted.

Getty claims the tool has turned the world’s images into a “vast, unlicensed ‘clip art’ collection,” it said in the filing.

The stock and photography image firm wants the image tool blocked, claiming its injuries from Microsoft would be “incalculable.” Microsoft told Reuters that it will “take a close look at Getty’s concerns.”

(via Reuters)


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