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Former Adviser Says Trump’s Agenda Blocked By The Swamp – TRUNEWS

Former Adviser Says Trump’s Agenda Blocked By The SwampCounter-terrorism expert Sebastian Gorka told The Washington Examiner’s Bill Gertz that President Donald Trump is becoming increasingly isolated by “permanent state” forces in the government.

August 30, 2017

Former counter-terrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka says President Donald Trump’s agenda, particularly with regard to terrorism, is being blocked by elements of “The Swamp.”

In an interview with The Washington Examiner’s Bill Gertz, he made it clear the president is in trouble:

“If you ask me kind of what the big take home is from working at that kind of level inside the government, the most disturbing thing I found is not just the lack of commitment to the president’s vision from political appointees that came in to serve the president as commissioned officers or as cabinet members …

I can’t tell you how many meetings I went to where I would have to remind everybody participating: This is what the president wants and this is the mission we’re here to serve. I don’t like the phrase Deep State, but there is definitely a permanent state that in far too many instances believes that they represent the American people when they were never elected to office and when they actually serve the White House and not the other way around.”

Gorka refused to engage in “palace intrigue” by naming those who are opposing the president’s agenda. He did, however, note that when it came to recertifying Iran’s compliance with the Obama administration’s nuclear deal, only he and his former boss, Steve Bannon, agreed with the president that it is a bad deal.

He added there remains a few people “with their heads screwed on straight” over the impending trade war with China. But, in almost all other areas of his agenda, the president is being isolated by elements of The Swamp.

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