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Farmer teaches a lesson to driver who blocked his driveway – Yahoo News Canada (blog)

Lesson of the day:  if you park your car in front of a farmer’s drive way, there may be consequences. 

A video uploaded to YouTube shows a tractor picking up a red car after the vehicle was left blocking a farmer’s drive in the English countryside.

The video was recorded by two women, who laugh constantly while the tractor slowly drives on, the small red car balanced in the forklift.

[embedded content]

“It’s the police’s problem now,” says the farmer, walking behind the tractor, after telling the women the car will be moved down the road.

“Never p*** a farmer off,” one of the women says.

As one British news source points out, poor parking choices are made everywhere.  After featuring a gallery of improperly-parked cars, GetSurrey published a list of homeowner’s rights when a vehicle is blocking a driveway.  

Despite all the rules and laws drivers should abide by, the video’s title says it all: “Don’t park your car like a knob.”


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