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Facebook is blocking links to a popular fake news detector – The Verge

Facebook is blocking links to “,” the website for a popular browser extension that detects and tags disreputable news sources.

“This message contains content that has been blocked by our security systems,” an error message tells users when they attempt to link to the site on Facebook. “If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.”

Daniel Sieradski, the creator of B.S. Detector, took to Twitter this morning to point out the problem:

It’s unclear why Facebook blocked the extension’s page. The Chrome plug-in page for the tool can still be shared.

Created to correct for fake news floating around the web, B.S. Detector works by using a list of domains with known issues, and then flagging links to those sites. Categories like “fake news,” “state news,” and “conspiracy theory” appear next to the relevant links and pages.

The tool gained some accidental notoriety late last night, when TechCrunch erroneously reported the tool was a feature built by Facebook itself to detect fake news. TechCrunch later updated the story to note it was seeing B.S. Detector.

Facebook did not immediately return a request for comment asking for clarification on why the site has been blocked.


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