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Court Overturns $2.2M Judgment in Case Over Ski Access – Newstalkkgvo

SkiersPhoto courtesy of jabberwik/Flickr

The Montana Supreme Court has overturned a $2.2 million award to a corporation that bought a house at the Yellowstone Mountain Club but didn’t receive the ski-out access it was promised.

Continental Partners bought land from Yellowstone Development and built two houses. One was sold to WLW Realty Partners for $12 million. Continental said Yellowstone Development assured them that the house would have a ski-in and gravity ski-out access.

The Yellowstone Club filed for bankruptcy in November 2008 and the ski-out access was not built.

WLW sued Continental. District Judge Loren Tucker ruled in April 2014 that Continental owed WLW $2 million for loss of property value and $232,000 for constructing a tow line.

The Supreme Court overturned those rulings, saying statements Continental made about the future construction of ski-out access were true when they were made.


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