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8 More Piracy-Related Sites Have Been Blocked in the UK – Lifehacker UK

A few weeks back we heard news of over 140 piracy-related sites had been added to UK ISP blocklists, in the entertainment industry’s ongoing battle to prevent people from accessing or sharing copyrighted material online. As you might expect their work is far from over, since today another eight sites have been blocked here in the UK.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), which has been working tirelessly to protect creative content from online piracy, is responsible for adding the new sites to the existing blocklists. That means if you ever frequented Couchtuner, MerDB, Putlocker, Putlocker Plus, Rainierland, Vidics, Watchfree, and Xmovies8, you’re going find yourself face to face with a dead page.

Not to worry, though, because all these sites will just transfer to a brand new domain before long. In fact TorrentFreak previously reported that such a change only takes a few minutes to implement, making this non-stop domain blocking a futile endeavour. Even if the sites don’t relocate, they’re only blocked in the UK for the time being. A simple location-spoofing VPN or proxy is all you need to regain access.

To make matters worse, blocking sites is not a cheap thing to do. According to ISPReview, the reason ISPs wait for a court order before implementing these blocks is because each one costs £14,000. On top of that, maintaining the blocks apparently costs up to £3,600 a year per site. All that money to block a site that will just pop up somewhere else five minutes later. Just let that sink in for a minute.

Plus, how many of those sites have you actually heard of? We all know sites encouraging piracy and copyright infringement aren’t supposed to show up in Google searches, so by making a public spectacle the enforcers are just giving these sites some free publicity. So now you have more options to watch Game of Thrones without giving Sky your money.

Not that any of these points will stop organisations like the MPAA from trying to enforce blocks across the web. All that wasted time and effort for nothing…

[ISPRreview via The Next Web]

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