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​What can you do if you find your driveway blocked by a bad parker? – Canterbury Times

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We all get annoyed with other drivers, especially those who park their vehicles on the pavement or across your driveway.

The Times has been publishing your pictures of bad parking attempts across the Canterbury district over the past year, so we know there are plenty of ‘dodgy parkers’ out there.

But, have you ever wondered what rights YOU have if you find a car blocking your driveway and the driver is nowhere to be seen?

Here’s what you can do…

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Kent Police deals with all vehicles that are causing any unnecessary or willful obstruction on a road.

The law states that if the obstruction is to a driveway, or an entrance to any premises, there must be a dropped kerb or an access road.

If there is not a dropped kerb or access road, there is no implied right to leave or enter a road over the pavement.

However if no vehicle needs to leave or enter at that time, then no offence has been committed. You can apply for a dropped kerb from your local council.

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Kent Police also deals with any vehicle causing a danger or an obstruction – for example at a junction or clearway – and you are unable to find the driver to politely request that it be moved.

With each of these incidents, you are entitled to contact the police on 101.

Their response will depend on the degree of danger to public safety and the force’s current incident demand.

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In addition to contacting the police, people living in the district can also report illegal parking to Canterbury City Council.

This includes parking on the pavement, parking on a pedestrian crossing, parking on school zigzags and large goods vehicles parked on verges, central reservations and footpaths.

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Local councils solely deal with vehicles parked on yellow lines, in council car parks, in residential permit areas, in bus lanes and in disabled bays.

To contact the local authority, you can either send an e-mail to: or call 01227 862 429 at the time of the parking offence.

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